Specialist in Assessments for children with Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Developmental Delay, Learning Difficulties and more.
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Dr. Srinivas (Sri) Gada has had a distinguished service in the NHS for 25 years. He has worked as a Consultant Neurodisability Paediatrician at Oxford University Hospitals NHS FT for nearly 14 years. Sri has continued to work at the University of Oxford as a Senior Hon Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics.

Sri is the Editor of Oxford Handbook of Community Paediatrics, published by Oxford University Press and is sold worldwide. He has been awarded Clinical Excellence Awards for delivering innovative services in the field of Child Disability and Child Development.

Sri has served in the NHS in various roles such as Lead for Clinical Governance, Lead for Oxford Down Syndrome Service, Lead for West Oxfordshire Child Development Team, Course Director, Educational Supervisor, as a Consultant Appraiser and more. Sri has delivered care to over 20,000 children with complex needs, working closely with multi-disciplinary teams. His work has been covered by BBC Radio, ITV, and Oxford Mail.

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Kaylee HiggsKaylee Higgs
09:33 05 Aug 22
My son and I met Dr gada last month in hes Oxford clinic , he was professional and patient with my son through out the assessment 🙂 thank you so much for your help and support 🙏🤗
Catherine NeveCatherine Neve
12:16 05 Jul 22
We visited Dr Gada with our 7year old son in June. From the moment we arrived until we left Dr Gada was amazing. He instantly put us at ease and more importantly was able to get our son to interact and complete the full assessment, he doesnt do well with strangers. After the assessment he sat us down and explained everything to us and answered all our questions and concerns about where we went next. I am so glad we were able to get our sons assessment done with Dr Gada and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an asd assessment.
Fiona SlyFiona Sly
11:39 27 Jun 22
My daughter saw Dr Gada at his Oxford clinic. He put her at ease incredibly quickly given she doesn't like talking and interacting with people. Dr Gada was able to recall information we provided in the form and questionnaires we answered in advance about her likes, dislikes and hobbies to open the conversation with her.Dr Gada was thorough in his testing, interactions and physical examination of my daughter. He ensured we had plenty of time to discuss his diagnosis and answer any questions we had. The report was delivered quickly and was very comprehensive, the management plan recommended by Dr Gada was very helpful and will enable us and the school to provide the support she needs.The overall experience from initial booking through to the final report was extremely positive and well supported by Dr Gada and his team.A 5 star service and I would like to thank Dr Gada for the support and guidance he has been able to provide to me and my family.
Karen PikeKaren Pike
14:20 26 Jun 22
We visited Dr Gada at his Reading Clinic for our 10 year old sons neuro-diversity assessment.At each stage we were impressed by the professionalism shown, from making contact, to the assessment and diagnosis itself, to the follow up and the fully extensive report received just days after the assessment, we couldn't fault the service we received. Each of us were comforted by Sri's manner but most importantly he immediately helped our son to feel so comfortable and at ease after feeling so nervous prior to the assessment. Teddy commented on this and whilst it was an emotional meeting and outcome, he left there feeling like he has a super power. Quite honestly I was in awe of his calmness and immediate connection and understanding of not only to Teddy but to us as a family. We still have a mountain to climb but the diagnosis and recommendation report provided by Dr Gada has very much given us a check list of tools needed for the journey ahead. I fully recommend his service, worth every single penny.
Emma SniderEmma Snider
08:43 01 Jun 22
Dr Gada was amazing with my daughter he saw through the incredible mask she has carried for years he made her feel comfortable and discussed everything with her and us I would 100% recommend
David McKissickDavid McKissick
10:02 28 May 22
We had the pleasure of meeting Dr Gada this week for an ADHD assessment for our 6 year old son, we have been very much looking forward to this day and what can I say, we weren't disappointed. He was absolutely amazing with our son, lovely caring manner which put us all at ease. The assessment was very thorough and done with professionalism and kindness. We came away with a diagnosis and the stepping stones to be able to understand what we are dealing with and to provide the best for our son's future.Thank you Dr Gada.If anyone is considering looking into a private assessment, Dr Gada is definitley the person to see.
Hazel StoreyHazel Storey
08:36 06 May 22
Our 10 year old son had a private neurodevelopmental assessment with Dr Gada. Unfortunately the NHS has not been there for our child.We are extremely thankful to Dr Gada. He assessed our son during a lengthy appointment alongside the questionnaires and documentation supplied. Dr Gada was kind, gentle and professional and put our son at ease.We are so glad that we did this in time for our son heading to secondary school in September.We now have diagnoses for him and can move forward with both knowing how to help him and as well as getting him the support he needs from others now we have Dr Gada's comprehensive report including recommendations and resources. The report came through to us only a week after the appointment and we have been able to share this with his school.Thank you very much.
Rachael TitcombeRachael Titcombe
11:27 25 Apr 22
Was very informative and felt at ease throughout. Assessment was thorough and we came away with a full understanding of diagnosis.
victoria jamesvictoria james
11:24 22 Apr 22
We took our daughter to see Dr Gada recently. His manner with her was excellent and he made her feel very relaxed. He was able to keep her attention for an hour to assess her (which is no easy task). He explained her diagnosis clearly and advised us on various aspects of support and information to access. It was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend him.
Katherine GrovesKatherine Groves
10:25 14 Mar 22
Dr Srinivas Gada has been a huge help for us as a family. Our son has had a thorough assessment which has highlighted all of his difficulties, and Dr Gada has given us the diagnosis, support and guidance that we’ve been desperately needing. Would highly recommend.
Naomi NealNaomi Neal
19:39 24 Feb 22
I cannot thank Dr Gada enough for his incredible service. He was so fantastic with my son and gave precise and honest feedback, answering any questions and queries I had. It did not feel rushed and he made my son, my husband and I all feel comfortable straight away. His feedback was just absolutely amazing and so so helpful. He has helped my son and my family with his knowledge and understanding more than I thought possible. Thank you Dr Gada
Sarah YoungerSarah Younger
15:40 02 Jul 21
Dr Gada, is utterly brilliant, we cannot thank him enough from the bottom of our hearts the help and support he has provided to our daughters.Dr Gada has a magnificently kind approach and a wonderful way of connecting and with both adults bit more importantly our children.Within each consultation we have felt listened to, valued and supported and the help and guidance following these appointment has been outstanding, clear and concise in a world that as parents can feel so daunting.Thank you, are 2 words which seem so tiny compared to the help and support provided to our girls, but they are so sincerely meant.I would have no concerns or doubt in recommending Dr Gada to other parents and young children who need and would welcome this kind of support.
Sam HollandSam Holland
08:16 18 Jun 21
After being recommended Dr Gada by a friends, several people on social network, and Jodie Smitten. We were confident that he would work well with our son.His assessment was very in depth and how he works with children is amazing. He was patient and did everything he could to make my son feelComfortable.The whole process was incredible to watch.Now my son has his diagnosis all thanks to Dr Gada and received the diagnosis n the same day too. He was worth every penny and I’ll carry on recommending him to others.
Tessa GoringTessa Goring
12:58 29 May 21
Sri was extremely helpful and thorough. After waiting for 2 and a half years with another year to wait on the NHS we can now get our daughter the help she needs and deserves. He has provided lots of help and links going forward as well as tips to help our daughter.
Talk Mental HealthTalk Mental Health
10:47 05 May 21
Dr Gada is a warm, empathetic, knowledgeable and highly skilled clinician. He gave out 11 year old daughter his full attention, and his assessment and explanation were thorough. His report was comprehensive and he gave recommendations of resources about autism for us and the school to help our daughter with her difficulties. I highly recommend him.
Rheanne SandersRheanne Sanders
19:12 29 Apr 21
Dr Gada assessed our son for autism. He seemed to understand him very well, he was precise and direct with expelling his diagnosis to us which was really helpful. He had clearly read and understood about 30 pages of information on our son before the assessment and we received a very detailed clinical report with management strategies which were really helpful.
Melanie DavenportMelanie Davenport
17:33 26 Apr 21
I was worried that due to my son not communicating very well that an assessment wouldn't be able to be completed fully but I was amazed at how Dr Gada managed to not only complete a full ASD assessment on my 4 year old son he also managed to get a few words out of my son during the assessment which never happens with strangers!Dr Gada is amazing with children, I am so pleased I had my son seen by him as now we have his diagnosis quickly instead of waiting years on an NHS list so my son will now get the help he needs sooner.I highly recommend Dr Gada to anyone thinking about going private.
Sam FitzpatrickSam Fitzpatrick
17:39 16 Mar 21
Dr Gada was recommended to me by my daughter's behavioural specialist for an ASD assessment and I had heard wonderful things about him. From the moment we met him I could tell that he was going to live up to the expectations and I was not disappointed. He was calm, reassuring, and, though my daughter struggles with meeting new people, I could tell she felt at ease with him.The whole process was fascinating to watch and I felt very privileged to see him work. I thought I knew everything about my daughter but it was incredibly enlightening to see how she responded to the tasks and questions. Dr Gada explained everything fully and picked up on so much. One of my fears about the appointment was that her traits would remain masked as she has learnt how to hide them well, but the way in which he presented things meant that they were actually very clear to see.I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Gada to anyone and will also be looking to use his services again myself in the future with my youngest daughter too as I was so impressed. He is kind, respectful, thorough, attuned to the needs of the children he works with, informative, and clearly dedicated to his work. We feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to be seen by him. Thank you so much for your time and for giving my daughter the empowerment to be the incredible human that she is.
Terri BuckinghamTerri Buckingham
19:51 11 Feb 21
We visited Dr Gada at the start of February, straight away we felt comfortable and relaxed with his friendly manner. He was very good with our son and explaining everything to us in detail. Also the report we got after was brilliant, with his diagnosis and all the steps that would help him going forward. Now we are much happier and are able to understand our son a lot more and getting him the support he needs.
Terri CahalinTerri Cahalin
12:03 11 Feb 21
After spending 7 years fighting with the NHS and getting no where we decided that we needed to look somewhere else. The reviews on websites like this really helped. From the moment I emailed the secretary she was really helpful and I already knew I was doing the correct thing. They were helpful on the fact my son is a masker, Dr Gada suggested that Jodie Smitten should see him for an observation. This was very helpful and we Jodie got a great report of my son. The forms I received to fill in were very useful I had so much information that would be impossible to talk about it all in one appointment, my son also does not like me talking about his problems so it was great that most was wrote down. On the day my son was nervous and his anxiety was really affected on the way, but when Dr Gada called us in and started to talk to my son I could see him let his barrier down. Dr Gada in the appointment was fantastic, he managed to capture everything about my son that we see at home, he engaged with my son and only occasionally needed to discuss a few things with me, it put my son at ease because I did not have to go into detail about him. Dr Gada had read all my information before the appointment I could tell. At the end Dr Gada spoke with me about what my sons diagnosis was, he also discussed other diagnosis that should be looked into. I did get emotional after 7 years of fighting it was a relief to have confirmation. I received the very detailed report within a few days. I would tell anyone that has a child that masks and does not show it in a 45min NHS appointment that it is the best thing I have ever spent money on. My son now has answers and his school have put things in place for him. Thank you so much Dr Gada
Janine RooneyJanine Rooney
13:49 05 Feb 21
I would 100% recommend Doctor Gada. He is so professional and knowledgeable and thorough in his dealings with you. He listens and fully understands your concerns and answers all your questions. His report and management plan was very detailed and gave us clear support and guidance and a clear way forward. His website and information he provides to you both before, during and after the appointment is brilliant and very informative. He thoroughly understood our daughter and I cannot thank him enough for all his help. We finally feel like we can move forward after months of uncertainty.
Mihaela DodonMihaela Dodon
20:05 13 Oct 20
For a while , we have been looking for a good doctor who can give us  an direct  answer about our son’s situation who has autism and then we found Dr Gada!Dr Gada takes his time in explaining every detail and makes you feel comfortable! we went all the way to Oxford and I can assure that it’s worthy. Dr Gada is amazing. He is very professional , patient, an excellent!I highly recommend this great Dr.Gada


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