Specialist in Assessments for children with Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Developmental Delay, Learning Difficulties and more.
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Dr. Srinivas (Sri) Gada has had a distinguished service in the NHS for 25 years. He has worked as a Consultant Neurodisability Paediatrician at Oxford University Hospitals NHS FT for nearly 14 years. Sri has continued to work at the University of Oxford as a Senior Hon Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics.

Sri is the Editor of Oxford Handbook of Community Paediatrics, published by Oxford University Press and is sold worldwide. He has been awarded Clinical Excellence Awards for delivering innovative services in the field of Child Disability and Child Development.

Sri has served in the NHS in various roles such as Lead for Clinical Governance, Lead for Oxford Down Syndrome Service, Lead for West Oxfordshire Child Development Team, Course Director, Educational Supervisor, as a Consultant Appraiser and more. Sri has delivered care to over 20,000 children with complex needs, working closely with multi-disciplinary teams. His work has been covered by BBC Radio, ITV, and Oxford Mail.

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Fine Motor Milestones What are Fine Motor Milestones? And why is it important to know them? Evolution over millions of years has helped develop our fine motor skills. Our fine motor skills and dexterity are what makes us humans so unique. Our ability to write, draw, paint, feed, dress, compose music, thread a needle, use a keyboard, write a code for artificial intelligence all require our use of hands that differentiate humans from even our closest evolutionary cousins, the chimpanzees. Fine motor skills involve the use of small muscles in our fingers, hands, and wrists. Fine motor skills are essential for independent living, self-care, learning and academic achievement. Also, these milestones develop on a well-established trajectory. Consequently, using this knowledge of milestones can help us identify developmental conditions such as Dyspraxia/DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder). Similarly, a knowledge… Continue Reading

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