Your Journey

Initial enquiry for a consultation, following a referral from a GP or other professional such as Health Visitor, Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist.

I’m happy to see self-referrals, but it would be advisable to involve your GP from the outset for any onward referrals, prescriptions for medications, monitoring of ongoing care etc.

Contact my secretary on tel: 01865 819900 or email: You can send in the referral letter or any information you may have on your child at this stage.

Secretary liaises with Sri, who will determine whether a ‘consultation only’ appointment or a ‘full assessment’ is required. It is not uncommon for Neurodevelopmental conditions like ASD/DCD/ADHD to be overlapping or interconnected. However, in most cases Sri will be able to specify the kind of assessment required i.e. ASD or ADHD or Dyspraxia etc.

If you are happy to proceed, then secretary will be able to quote you the prices depending on the length of consultation required and the condition(s) to be assessed. At this point, depending on each case/enquiry, Secretary will email you some forms and questionnaires to complete and return. You may request to book an appointment at this stage.

Once you have all the above information to hand e.g. a completed background information sheet, a report from pre-school/school, together with completed questionnaires where applicable, please contact my secretary to book an appointment.

Sri’s secretary will then upload all the information on to the system and create patient folder. The billings team will then send you/your insurer an invoice. Once an authorisation number is obtained from your insurer or full payment made if you are a self-payer, an appointment will be booked on a date and time that is most suitable to you. We are afraid an appointment cannot go ahead without confirmation of payment or authorisation number.

Now relax. You are all set for an appointment with Sri on a date and time most convenient to you.

Please come 10-15 minutes before the appointment, so that you and your child have time to relax and settle in. Please report to the reception after you arrive. Please help yourself to cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate while you are waiting to see Sri. There are some magazines in the waiting area to keep you occupied. There is a small play area for children, which you could choose to use if you wish.

Receptionist will then inform a CYP Nurse/Healthcare assistant about your arrival. Nurse will then take measure your child’s Height and Weight. Nurse will then inform Sri about your arrival.

Sri will welcome you into his consulting room. After introductions, he will enquire your concerns and what you wish to take out of the appointment. Sri will summarise his understanding of the key issues having read all the information you sent in before the appointment. He may ask clarifying questions to get a deeper understanding of certain aspects of history or supporting information.

Sri will then carry out a full physical examination and neurodevelopmental assessment(s), as required to answer the reason(s) for referral. He will plot the child’s growth. He would then score/analyse and interpret the information from tests and assessments carried out.

Sri will be able to then summarise his findings to you and draw up a list of problems/diagnoses for your child based on the above. In discussion with you, he will be able to formulate a management plan and explain to you the proposed future course of action. He will also be able to signpost you to necessary sources of information, support and advice.

Sri will welcome any questions you may have and will be happy to address these for you. He will check your understanding of the future steps/course of action, before drawing the consultation to a close.

Sri will go through all your child’s reports, his handwritten clinic notes, examination findings, test results etc, to summarise a letter to you and to your GP, stating the child’s diagnosis/problem list and future management plan.

You should receive this letter by email usually within 3 working days. In most cases parents receive a copy of the clinic letter within a week. Only in exceptional and unforeseen circumstances will this be more than a week.

Once you receive this letter, please take a moment to carefully go through this. You will notice that Sri has listed in the diagnosis and management plan, everything he has discussed with you and explained to you in the clinic. Please let us know if there are any factual inaccuracies by contacting Sri’s secretary, though this is rare.

It is Sri’s practice to recommend you share his report with all the professionals and teachers involved in your child’s habilitation, so that everyone is aware of your child’s diagnosis/difficulties and the proposed management plan to address these.

Please save clinic letter in your child’s medical folder, so that you can access/refer to it as and when required. Sri thoroughly recommends you access the sources of support in the form of websites, books, tips etc. he has listed in his clinic letter, to maximise the benefit and life chances of your child.

Brain is plastic. Activity determines organisation of the brain. Hence the more you practice and comply with the recommendations given, the more progress and benefit you are likely to see in your child.

Sri would be happy to see your child for a follow up should new challenges or difficulties arise or if you have any questions or concerns at a later date. Most children with neurodevelopmental condition(s) benefit from some form of monitoring or follow up, either in NHS with your GP/Paediatrician or in Private. Cost of follow up appointments is significantly less as they are short and do not need the huge work up that is required for an assessment.