How We Can Help

Convenient Appointments

  • Being available to see you according to your convenience
  • Appointments can be scheduled for morning, after school or even at weekends (with prior appointment only)
  • No waiting lists

Listening to your concerns fully

  • Treating you with dignity, respect and empathy at all times
  • Noting down and addressing the questions you have
  • Building up a full picture of your child by seeking information from nursery/pre-school/school, your GP, Health Visitor, any therapists/professionals involved and of course, you
  • Collection of all the available information before the consultation, will help me have a detailed understanding of your child’s needs
  • Offering consultation in a private and comfortable setting without interruptions
  • At the consultation, listening to your concerns to ascertain your (and others) perception of child’s problems/difficulties

Head-to-Toe Examination

  • Carrying out a full head-to-toe examination of your child (if undergoing an assessment)
  • Carrying out a neurodevelopmental assessment
  • Measuring your child’s growth and plotting these on growth charts
  • Undertaking additional tests/diagnostic tools, tailored to each person, if required
  • Evaluating, checking and summarising the information/results gained from the above steps
  • Explaining these results/diagnoses to you

Detailed Management Plan

  • Involving you in drawing up a detailed management plan/future course of action
  • Checking your understanding, so that you leave the clinic with a good idea of your child’s diagnosis
  • Giving you numerous ways in which you can manage your child’s condition effectively
  • Signposting you to sources of information and support
  • Giving you an idea of future steps to enable your child to achieve their potential
  • Dictation of a ‘clinic letter’ summarising key points from history, examination, test results into a list of diagnosis and management plan (after clinic)
  • Quick turnaround times with you receiving a copy of the clinic letter (by email) within 3 working days and in most cases within a week, unless there are some unforeseen circumstances
  • Sharing a copy of this report with your GP (with your consent)
  • Offering you a follow up appointment, if requested and where required
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